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Well well well…it has been a while! In case you haven’t heard we are expecting our 3rd bambino, and I was a bit blog shy for the past few months partly because life got busy and then because I didn’t want to give anything away! However, the good news is I am back in the baby gear research stage and though WE wont need as much this time around (its a 3rd boy!) I’ve found lots of fun things to share. Here are some of my recent faves:


I LOVE this crib from Walmart. SO affordable and really nice and modern. Reminds me of some much pricier versions from ducduc and Oeuf.



There a so so so many new ones this year, too many to cover here. Some standouts are the Joovy Too Qool and TooFold, Baby Jogger Vue, Maclaren Mark II, and Mountain Buggy Nano.


The Doona

This one needs a header of its own because it is unlike anything else on the market. Its an infant car seat and stroller in one – perfect for frequent travelers or city dwellers. Likely to be pricey and I have no idea when it will make it to the US, but it is SO GENIUS!!!


Car seats

the most notable new seat is the Clek Filo – a lower profile version of the Foonf that will be at a lower price point. Not much other info is available about it yet.



SO many changes in bottles since my boys were born just 18 months ago! Playtex has unfortunately discontinued the standard sized Ventaires (the only bottle mine would take and that I still have tons of minus nipples) and completely redone the wide version. Many companies are making more breast-shaped options and angled nipples are all the rage. Some that have piqued my interest are the Joovy Boob, Munchkin Latch, and Chicco NaturalFit.



Hope you all are well! Life is sure to get busy again many more times, but I am still here. 🙂 Any fun new products you all have seen lately?


3 thoughts on “What’s New!

  1. Love reading about the new products you’re finding. Didn’t even know that angled nipples existed! Wonder if there are any cool glass versions out there, or are most bottles able to take any brand of nipple? Obviously, I’m clueless…Will definitely be staying tuned for more updates from ya!

    • For the most part, bottles come with there own specific nipple. There are some exceptions, but you pretty much want to stay with the same brand. I guess the angled nipple are to allow them to eat upright? Not sure.

      And yes there are a few glass bottle versions, the Joovy Boob has one, and the new Avent bottles, plus Dr browns, Born Free…a lot of companies have glass. I wanted to do glass, but my husband didn’t think it was a good idea once the boys started holding their own bottle. He envisioned one throw and *shatter*! But guess what – they never did hold their own bottles! lol

      • Ok, I’m going to browse more on the Dr. Browns then, since that is what I’m registered for currently, but I just have the regular natural flow glass bottles listed right now. You’ve sparked my interest to see what others are out there. Great info. Tnx Leanne!

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